Myth busting: Apprenticeships

There are a number of common misconceptions that surface with the mention of apprenticeships.

Today we’re myth busting and putting these misconceptions behind us.

“Apprenticeships are only available for young people”

While apprenticeships are mostly being taken by school leavers, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are exclusive to them. Apprenticeships are available for anyone over the age of 16.

“Doing an apprenticeship means spending a lot of time at college”

This is an extremely common misunderstanding; there will be some apprentices that are wholly work-based and others that have an apprenticeship that combines training while working and away.

“Apprenticeships are limited to traditional industries and aren’t relevant to my sector”

There are many apprenticeships to choose from with hundreds of job roles within sectors. You can view our current apprenticeships on our website.

“Apprenticeships are low-level qualifications that do not amount to much”

Apprentices undertake courses from Level 2 (standard GCSE Level) up to Level 4 and higher (degree level), depending on the apprentices’ current education and skill level.

All of our apprentices a part of our apprenticeship programs receive full support from assessors to help them with their work!

Please visit our website to view all of our current apprenticeships and find out more about who Creative Alliance are and what we do.