Close the skills gaps with apprentices and strengthen your team

So what can you do?

Many employers initially approach us because they are looking to recruit an apprentice to support and strengthen their team. By doing so, they recognise that they are also then able to develop their business.

We are always keen to stress that the people coming into an apprenticeship need to be trained in the role you need them for. This takes time. But with clarity or purpose and the commitment of energy, in a few months you will have an employee who has grown and developed within your business and is now becoming an asset.

Commitment is a given. We all know that you get out what you put in and you’ll be looking for an apprentice with the passion and drive to succeed. Equally important is clarity of purpose on your side. When looking for the right apprentice for your company…

We go by the ASK principle

Attitude – When recruiting we look for an attitude to learn – this can be shown by self teaching a little on photoshop, or running a local business’ social media: anything that shows that the potential apprentice has shown the initiative to teach themselves something. This is key for the beginning of a great apprenticeship.

Skills – You need to build on the raw skills an apprentice has: on how to work in your sector, your business and with your team. Think about what things they will need to do and how they will need to them. They have a grounding or talent already but what will you do to develop them correctly.

Knowledge – This is where we come in: we help the learner develop their knowledge base and how then to immediately apply it in your company. We tailor the course to your business but also the learner. If they are ready to apply the theory in your business – well let’s do it and let’s do it together.

Creative, digital & marketing apprenticeships are a tri-party commitment between learner, employer and provider and it works best when there is clarity about what is expected.

Last week was National Apprenticeship Week. We shared a fantastic story about one of our apprentices and her first few months working for a marketing agency. She has been working on content creation, SEO, social media and lots of other things. The most staggering element is her thirst for learning and then how much she is learning. She had not studied marketing and went in pretty raw, but with practise, guidance and a good attitude she is halfway to becoming a professional marketer after just a couple of months.

You too can have your own young professional: you can, with our help, recruit, support & develop your own talent and what you will have after the 12 month apprenticeship is another member of staff perfectly suited for your business.

If you are interested in growing your business with an apprentice then please get in touch here.