Foot in the Door and the next steps

In the latter half of July 2017 Creative Alliance held an event for their Foot in the Door project. At this event the young people involved were able to meet with Creative professionals to speak about how to start a career in the creative industry.

There was a discussion about how people view creative job opportunities differently, the pro’s and con’s of university and whether or not a creative job was ‘financially viable’. Thank you for everybody’s opinions on the matter, it was a really insightful discussion.

We were visited by Shekayla Maragh, Freelance Cultural Producer, who is currently coordinating ASTONish do a Q&A session about her journey into the creative industry with some great hints and tips about how to get in and get on using your passion.

The project seemed to go down well with the young people who attended and were given information about loads of volunteering opportunities coming up in and around the Birmingham area. If you know a young person interested in any of the below opportunities then please share this blog. Just copy and paste the link. If you want to learn more about the Foot in the Door project click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Birmingham’s largest arts festival which features an awe-inspriring programme of free events from hundreds of world-class West Midlands and international artists and companies will on 22-24 September. This is a great opportunity for you to get training and chance to network with some huge names. Dates are coming up soon so check out the details and sign up here: Birmingham Weekender Details and Form.

DESIblitz opportunity: From the 8th – 20th August DESIblitz have their documentary being screened at the IKON gallery from 11am to 5pm and they need volunteers to show members of the public the location of the screening in the gallery. This will provide volunteers with really good gallery experience. Volunteering will be between 11am – 5pm on any days from 08/08/17 – 20/08/17. Please contact Fiona if you are interested in volunteering.