Offer of free consultancy as we all rebuild

Dear Business Leader / Owner

The team at Creative Alliance wondered if there was anything we could do to help our existing and potential clients as business resumes and develops. The team has experience in working with business owners and leaders to look at:

  • Business strategy: does the business have an effective vision and plan for going forward from this time?

We’re working with Digital Village Digbeth on business planning and fundraising to rebuild after lock down.

  • Personnel strategy:  does the makeup of a team or department have the right people with the right skills doing the right roles?

We’re working with Stickee to look at how they could grow their team through recruiting a senior post and then take on some apprentices to bring in new talent being trained to their standards: a low cost, low risk entry level recruitment option.

  • Marketing strategy: what messages, to whom and using what channels will you need to achieve the impact you want?

We’re working with Socksmiles & advised them to begin Email marketing. Initially this went to current customers with a 10% discount offer. This increased the number of return customers. 

If a free 90 minute consultation would be useful in helping you think through some ideas and plans then let us know. This will be with someone from the team who is best placed to provide the advice and guidance you’re looking for.

Ring 0121 753 0049 / email / dm on social media

What we’d appreciate is you providing us with a testimonial and considering Creative Alliance when you’re looking to:

  • Recruit and train apprentices
  • Recruit more senior roles
  • Train existing members of your team.

It would also really help if you could introduce us to another business leader or owner who would welcome knowing about what we do.

Many thanks for your consideration & with best wishes

Noel Dunne

Director                                                                                                          #TalentWorking