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Digital Programming Assistant


Main Duties:

To support the Digital Content Manager in the publishing and scheduling of content across social channels, always with the thought about what works best for the owned and operated platforms (desktop, mobile web and mobile apps) of B:Music.  Research, compose and publish web materials and support other members of the Marketing, Sales and Fundraising teams in the drafting and publishing of mass mailout emails. Monitor and evaluate the impact of digital content. Work with the programming assistant to develop a live event and promotional campaign.



This opportunity is funded through DWP so applicants, therefore, must be in receipt of Universal Credit. 

Skills required:

Good administrative and organisational skills required, with the ability to prioritise and multi-task to meet deadlines and clear communication skills, both in person and in writing. Ability to produce information clearly and accurately, with some experience of working effectively within a team, listening to others, and contributing ideas. Understanding of social media and an ability to contribute meaningfully in that area.

Training to be provided:
Personal Qualities:
Things to consider:
Future prospects:
Creative Alliance will provide the Kickstart Placement with a mentor to provide ongoing support to effectively integrate them into the culture of the company and help them understand the professional standards we work to. They will receive external employability support from Creative Alliance who will help them produce a new CV and portfolio so they can compete for marketing positions after their six months on the Kickstart scheme. Once we have appointed our Placement we will look at which of the Digital Skills for Business courses (coding & web design; digital content production; design; digital marketing) best meets their development needs and they will attend that level 3 certified 60 hour tutor lead course provided by Creative Alliance.