Kit & briefing:

It is your responsibility to understand the headsets and backpack kit to ensure that they are always worn correctly and safely. You will ensure guests are in the briefing room with kit on, ready to pay attention to the briefing and to ensure all batteries are changed quickly and efficiently, then immediately put on charge during the game play so that the change over is seamless. You will be required to assist guests with taking kit off and cleaning headset gaskets in accordance with H&S guidance and equipment is stored in UVC cupboard correctly and put on charge.


Maintain high standards throughout the experience so that guests are always happy and safe. Where you see a guest in distress, or struggling you will always be on hand to resolve the situation and ensure the guest leaves feeling reassured and happy.


At end of the game, ensure the players are ready to have photo taken- you will be required to direct the guests towards this area and encourage them to have their photo taken



Always looking after guests is a priority, assisting with any queries in a helpful manner and ensuring they always have a great experience. Ensuring presentation and hygiene standards are exceptional and taking responsibility for checks across the front of house area. Completing day to day reactive maintenance duties on time and as required to a strong operational standard, ensuring that compliance to health & safety obligations are met and recorded in conjunction with ATMOSVR policies.

● To attend team briefings and updates with regards to the daily “show” and be prepared to adapt to other roles at short notice should staff shortages occur. Report to line managers when there are issues you cannot resolve.


You need to be 18-25 years old and on Universal Credit.

Skills required:

Ideally you will have a performing arts background or an interest in being part of the performing arts industry.

Training to be provided:

All kickstarts have training included as part of the programme. This will be employability skills programmes and training for the role.


Personal Qualities:

Enthusiastic and committed 

Keen to learn and develop skills, and willingness to embrace change 

Ability to think independently and work within a team 

Punctual and Reliable


Things to consider:
You need to be 18-25 years old and on Universal Credit.
Future prospects:
Possible progression into apprenticeship and future employment opportunity