Our First Instagram Live! Celebrating Digital Apprenticeships

We had our very first Instagram live during National Apprenticeship Week 2022.

We had the opportunity to talk to digital apprentices along with their employers. Learning how they got the positions, and their experiences so far helps others understand from both perspectives the benefits of digital apprenticeships.  

The first two guests were Kai Prime, a Digital Marketing Apprentice, and Simon Washbrook their Employer from Popcorn CRM. 

Kai discusses the struggle about graduating from University during the Covid-19 lockdown pandemic and moving forward into a job. Deciding they wanted to learn while gaining experience through an apprenticeship, they found a position through Creative Alliance working as an apprentice digital marketer for Popcorn CRM. They speak about the jobs that they have undertaken as part of their role. As well as how they have built confidence throughout. Simon Washbrook, the founder of Popcorn CRM gave us an insight into the benefits for employers hiring apprentices for their businesses to grow, along with the skills of their apprentice. Looking at how he decided on the right candidate for the role they needed, looking at personality, knowledge, and the thirst to learn.  

Popcorns website can be found here

Our second guests were Charlotte Thornley, a Designer Apprentice, and their Employer Simon Bhana from Steel and Jelly. 

Charlotte tells us her story of leaving college and deciding what to do next for her future. From building her digital portfolio to working and learning in the company, touching upon the many jobs she does. Talking about how her apprenticeship has ensured her career ideas for the future. Furthermore, advising others on how to prepare their portfolio efficiently to best fit the job role. Simon, the E-commerce Manager at Steel and Jelly explains the process of choosing the right candidate for them, the importance of a strong portfolio that shows the journey of the work they have created. Simon, like many employers, wanted someone who is hands-on and what to get stuck in. 

Steel and Jelly’s website can be found here

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