This page is dedicated to all our policies and additional information you may need.

Learner Handbook

The learner handbook gives apprentices all of the information they may require during their apprenticeship. It contains relevant information regarding the qualification, personal health and well-being and Creative Alliance contacts that may assist you during your apprenticeship.

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Safeguarding & Prevent

This policy highlights the importance of our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all our apprentices and staff; we are committed to providing a safe and caring environment for all of our apprentices to work and learn in.

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Employer Support Guide

The employer support guide is to assist employers (particularly employers who are hiring an apprentice for the first time) information and on what to expect. The guide contains information regarding qualifications, training programmes, assessments, guidance around off the job training and general advice around the structuring of their work programme.

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Equality & Diversity

This policy explains that Creative Alliance strongly believe in the equal treatment and opportunities to all employees, applicants, apprentices, and employers; regardless of gender, gender reassignment, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin, religion, disability or age.

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Customer Privacy

This policy relates to how Creative Alliance will collect and use personal information about you, whilst protecting your privacy; as we are committed to ensuring that your privacy and data is secure

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Employee Privacy

The employer support guide is to assist employers, especially employers hiring apprentices for the first time, what to expect when hiring an apprentice. It has information about the training programme, assessment, advice on structuring their work programme, off the job training and more.

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Creative Alliance handle all complaints in line with our key values and aim to resolve complaints in a consistent and transparent way. We view complaints as an opportunity to learn and improve for the future, whilst helping to input a solution and make things right for the person or organisation that has made the complaint.

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Recognition of Prior Learning

This policy sets out the procedure that is completed at the start of the apprenticeship that assesses the prior learning of an apprentice (e.g. GCSEs/A-Levels/Diplomas/HNDs/NVQs/BTECs/Degrees/Masters etc). The current knowledge, skills and behaviours that the apprentice already posses will be assessed against the unit criteria, to establish if they require the full training programme.

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Staff Development

This policy explains how we develop our staff in order to provide the highest quality services to our customers and needs of the organisation. Creative Alliance aim to make learning an essential part of staff professional life.

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This policy is intended to encourage staff, board members and others to report any suspected or actual occurrences of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events without vengeance.

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Health & Safety

This policy explains how Creative Alliance takes its responsibilities for health and safety seriously. We aim to protect everyone who comes into contact with the organisation from risks to health and safety from our work activities.

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Quality Assurance

Creative Alliance is committed to providing a high quality learning experience for all its apprentices, we aim to do this by ensuring our learners are at the centre of all our activities and offering high quality and effective assessment and training methods and services.

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The appeals procedure informs apprentices that they have the right to challenge an assessment decision if they are dissatisfied with the outcome/result; ensuring that learners understand their right to challenge assessment outcomes, ensures they know they can officially appeal the result.

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Data Protection

This policy explains the types of personal data and information Creative Alliance may hold for staff, apprentices and employers, in both manual and computerised formats. We collect and manage this data in order to provide an effective and efficient service to each individual person and organisation.

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Creative Alliance is a specialist training provider within the creative industries. We are committed to growing and diversifying the range of courses it delivers to widen participation, deliver to niche markets within the creative industries, engage in new and emerging markets and meet the regional and local economic development agenda. In order to achieve this, Creative Alliance has taken the strategic decision to subcontract part of its provision to partner organisations who can demonstrate high-quality delivery operating in the creative industries.

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