Digital Design



How to produce an effective design to improve the communication of your business

The future of design is digital. This course is here to help you develop and build your digital design skills for your business.

This will give you an understanding and knowledge of the considerations needed to communicate a message through design. This will also give you the skillset to create your own designs for your business. You will work on a project tailored for your own business that will give you a familiarisation of the industry-standard software needed as well as FREE editorial software to use at any time.

In this course, you will

  • Be able to plan and prepare briefs for digital design
  • To know what platforms and software are available
  • Be able to use industry-standard software
  • Be able to use free software alternatives
  • Know the fundamentals of digital design
  • Create content for your web and social media platforms
  • Know how to communicate a message through design
  • Have a deeper understanding of the design process


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