Reasons to do an Apprenticeship

If you’ve recently finished college and are unsure what you’d like to do next, whether it be progress onto University, or you’re generally unsure what to do for a career – an apprenticeship might be just the thing for you.

With the majority of college leavers choosing an apprenticeship either before attending University, instead of attending, or because they’d like to get into work straight away, it’s an ideal path to go down; earn while you learn and gain valuable skills and qualifications to help you in the future.

You are not expected to know what you want to do for a career at 16, 17, and 18, which is why an Apprenticeship is sought out.

If you think you are interested in an apprenticeship, let us discuss why you’re making the right choice:

Earn while you learn – Apprentices have the opportunity to earn money whilst they are learning skills and expertise in a certain industry, working alongside experienced employees. The minimum salary for an apprentice is £2.68 per hour, however, a majority of apprentices can earn up to double that amount.

No debt worries – Another attractive feature that is swaying students to choose an apprenticeship is the fact there are no debt worries. A source from a Guardian article has stated that students who started university in 2012 could potentially face a debt of £60,000. There are no tuition fees that will need to be paid.

Guidance – One of the benefits of apprenticeships is the guidance that each student receives; at Creative Alliance, each apprentice has an advisor that can offer them assistance with their assignments and working towards their qualifications through frequent visitations.

CV & Experience – Candidates are able to build up their CV as well as gain some experience in a working environment. Apprentices are entitled to all of the perks of working a regular job such as getting paid holidays, learning job-specific skills, training, and earning an income.

Relevant qualifications – Apprenticeships are fast becoming recognised as superior for any work-based training. With over 80,000 employers offering apprenticeships in over 100,000 locations, in the UK alone, there are approximately 200 Apprenticeships that are appropriate for hundreds of job roles. The three levels of apprenticeships are as follows: intermediate level that sees candidates working towards an NVQ Level 2; advanced level that sees candidates working towards an NVQ Level 3; and higher level apprenticeships that see candidates working towards an NVQ Level 4.

Little to no cost – Apprenticeships are completely free of charge for 16-18 year olds, along with apprenticeships for older students at a low cost.

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