Rebuild: Digital Skills for Business

The impact of social distancing on businesses

We’re all rebuilding our businesses to account for social distancing and infection control measures.  And alongside this, we’re also having to look at how we do far more for our business with digital skills: both inside our company and with our clients. There is a lot of talk of the new normal regarding returning back to work, so what parts of the elements that you have been doing through lockdown are you going to keep?

Are you going to communicate exactly how you did four months ago, how are your clients going to prefer to interact with their suppliers?

With social distancing, do all your processes work in the same way? Can this be done in a different way?

We know we can survive working from home? What parts of that can we continue with?

These are just some of the questions we are asking ourselves, we have realised some of the measures we have adapted are incredibly positive, they have saved us money, they have made doing that job just that bit slicker, our staff and customers are happier doing it that way. This leads us to the big question: Are you digitally fit to embed these processes in your business? If you are not sure or you know you need to do more then we can help you rebuild.

Below we have set out a series of training, funding and support you can apply for to help you get yourself Digitally competitive in this new world

Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership have put together a free programme called Digital Boost:

The Network Education have a very attractive package of on-line courses with tutor support here:

And we’ve collated a range of the free and good value digital skills training into our Creative Alliance: On Line Learning Recommendations. This is full of the courses and software that the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft are providing as well as many many others.

We have really embraced on-line learning at Creative Alliance. We also know that on-line learning needs to be engaging, interactive, individually tailored AND have an expert tutor constantly available to help develop your learning.

Take a look at this 90 second video about how we do online:

We’re experts at creative, digital & marketing apprenticeships and Ofsted have told us that what we’re doing is Good so if you’ve decided you actually need to upskill existing members of your team or bring new talent into your business to rebuild your digital skills, then we can help through our highly successful apprenticeship programmes.

 For further information about what we do visit or email us