Rebuild with new young talent: You employ them & we’ll train & support them and you

There’s been a lot of talk on all media channels over the last few days about the rise in unemployment, particularly amongst young adults.

This is challenging message to listen to, particularly during national mental health week. Anxiety about the future is affecting us all in all sorts of different ways.

The Lock Down has brought changes to all our businesses:

  • If and how we provide our products & services;
  • How we communicate between ourselves and with our clients and customers;
  • Where we conduct our business from;
  • Who is employed and who needs to be employed in our business going forward.

We know we won’t be able to go back to exactly how we used to do things but we don’t know yet how we are going to have to do them.

Within that uncertainty lies opportunity. As business leaders & owners, we all had habits, cultures, processes & patterns of behaviour we’re glad of the opportunity to be rid of.

We have the opportunity to rebuild with new ideas, new energy & new ways of doing things.

Now, if you’re worried about taking on fresh new talent and the potential baggage they will bring: punctuality, attendance, capability, commitment and the other wasps of anxiety that can surround young talent, we’re here to help.

When we encounter these issues we understand that these are usually a sign of mental health and well being issues. We can help young adults make the transition into your work place. We can work with your managers on developing appropriate interventions. Understanding and support will see significant changes but if they don’t then we can signpost to other specialist agencies and suggest alternative approaches. And for a very young adults, they are just not yet ready for the workplace and we can support them back into college or university.

An apprentice comes with a whole package of support for both them and for you. It’s a much more low risk way or rebuilding your business. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your business:

Ring 0121 753 0049 / email / dm on social media

Many thanks for your consideration & with best wishes

Noel Dunne

Director                                                                                                          #TalentWorking