Recap – National Apprenticeship Week 2024



What is National Apprenticeship 2024?

National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) is a week to celebrate the achievements of apprentices, highlight the diverse range of career paths available through apprenticeships, and encourage more employers to invest in training and developing their workforce through apprenticeship programs. 

NAW is always a busy but vibrant week, where the community comes together to celebrates all aspects of apprenticeships. 2024 was no different, here’s what we got up to: 

Creative Circle

For employers’ day, we held our networking event, Creative Circle, and hosted a Q&A with Cody a Marketing Executive Apprentice from Severn Trent Water. The event was full of great conversations and creation of new alliances. Our next event will be in April, follow us on social media to be notified.  

Check out the full Q&A below

Solihull Apprenticeship Show

On Wednesday, we attended an in-person apprenticeship event in Solihull. We met hundreds of exciting talent looking at their next steps. Each year we find that school and college leavers are looking to kickstart their career through an apprenticeship. Meaning each year the competition grows stronger and stronger!  

At the event we were frequently asked these two questions, and here are our answers: 

1 – How to apply for an apprenticeship? 

The easiest place to find most apprenticeships is on the Government’s Website (here), this is where a majority of apprenticeships are posted. Apprenticeships can also be advertised by on a training providers website and the employers website. Our vacancies are posted to both our website and the government’s, check them out here. 

2 – Is University better than an apprenticeship? 

This is the big question, and we are sorry to say but there is no definitive answer! We strongly believe that one route won’t suit everyone as each route will suit individuals differently. Apprenticeships and University aren’t the only options, you also have T-Levels, freelancing, work experience and other routes to a career in the creative industry. 

The only way to know is by doing your own research, speaking to professionals and learning from individuals with experience of each route. From this you should be able to make an informed decision on which route would better suit you.  

There are a lot of myths about apprenticeships, so during National Apprenticeship Week we aimed to do some myth busting. Check out our blog here!

Better Talent, Brighter Future

On Tuesday and Thursday, we hosted two online events with the support of Artswork and VID. These events were aimed to create a conversation around best practises of bringing young people into organisations.  

Our Director, Noel, spoke about how to hire the right talent for your business and how to support young people into a creative career. 

It was a jam packed, fun and inspirational week, and we already can’t wait to do it all again next year. If you’re looking at how apprenticeships can work for you, check out the links below!