Recruit digital marketing apprentices and grow your business

Businesses that recruit digital marketing apprentices grow – we have 5 reasons, and case studies to prove this.

For the last 15 years we have worked with Marketing and Digital sector businesses in developing and embedding successful apprenticeship programmes into their organisations. Digital Apprenticeships, if done right, can mean a strong talent pipeline into your company as well as increasing the capacity for your business. So here are 5 reasons, with examples, about why businesses should recruit digital marketing apprentices.

   1. It creates YOUR talent pipeline.

When you recruit digital marketing apprentices, your team of course grows. And so does the individual: they grow into an employee learning how to do things your way and to your standards. They get their award winning training from us, and also stellar support from you. And in 12 months you have built your own talent pipeline. And often clients come back and hire more. 60% of our business comes from repeat business or client referrals. That’s hundreds of our clients hiring more apprentices and therefore growing.

   2. BBJ&K prove how much you can grow when you recruit digital marketing apprentices.

BBJ&K are a media planning, buying and advertising agency based in Snow Hill. Creative Alliance have been working with the company for the past six years. They started with four employees, including their first apprentice, Amber Townsend, who is now the operations director at the company. In the past six years they have hired 10 apprentices and 5 are still working there. This has meant that the company has grown from 4 employees to 16.

Amber explains that: “Apprenticeships have been one of the foundations we have built BBJ&K on. The scheme enables us to bring on talented young people and introduce them to the world of media, whilst training them in a way that fits our business needs. Every apprentice is an asset to our business, having employed over ten current and former apprentices over the past six years, including myself as operations director.”

  3. They actually help develop capacity.

Our digital apprentices, when supported by Creative Alliance, actually increase the capacity of a business. This gives you the opportunity to develop the future of the business and not just the everyday operational demands. Like you should be. Reiss Barton from Studio Forty Six talk about how much they get from their apprentices.

   4. This is the long game: They become your senior members of staff.

Meet Joe from Ark Media who became their senior editor after starting in the company as an apprentice.

   5. Make sure your business stays fresh.

The world is changing quickly, digital trends change, new generations have new ideas, and this thinking needs to become part of your customer base. A switched on and enthusiastic young person, can do that. If you are 30+ years old, unfortunately you can’t completely understand young peoples’ interests and concerns.

We provide a free service for anyone looking to recruit digital marketing apprentices. We pride ourselves on being able to find that keen, enthusiastic and passionate young person who will be the right talent for your workplace.

Apprenticeship Standards that will work in a marketing agency or marketing department:

Digital Marketer Level 3

Marketing Executive Level 4

Advertising and Media Executive Level 3

Junior Content Producer Level 3


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