Are Digital Apprenticeships right for your business?

Digital Marketing apprenticeships in all sectors

From “one person start-ups” to large corporates, I’ve had conversations with business leaders along this whole spectrum in the last month. This month I’m going to look at the freelance, micro and small businesses that use digital apprenticeships as part of their growth strategy.

The question I’m always asked is: Would a digital apprenticeship be right for my business?

My answer is always yes: if you’re ready to grow and happy to put the work into your staff.

So, in this blog I wanted to speak about when a business is ready for a digital marketing apprentice.

One person businesses & start-ups:

Photographers, web designers, graphic designers

We work with a lot of different types of start-ups & one-person businesses. The creative industries have a huge number of freelance ‘creatives’ who grow by bringing on freelance associates to ‘help out’ when they’re busy but then reach a stage where they really need someone around all the time. What we find is digital apprenticeships are a financially low risk approach to small growth. When a learner works alongside the MD or owner, we find it solidifies the growth that is just right for the business at that stage of their business life. With most of these businesses, once the first year of the apprenticeship is over, the business has grown sufficiently to keep on the initial apprentice as a member of staff & hire another apprentice. And that’s how they grow.
We are working with businesses which have now 5 people in the business who were once & currently are apprentices.

Small – Medium businesses (5-50 employers):

Creative & Cultural, Industrial and manufacturing, retail and transport.

This really is where a digital apprentice can work well. The company is established & has the systems processes & cash flow to support growth through developing new and existing talent within the workforce. They take on a digital marketing apprentice and the apprentice helps support their marketing department/manager. The result is the marketing manager now doesn’t need to do the more mundane tasks and can start concentrating on the bigger picture stuff. The real “this could make us go far” plans that they just did not have time before. And once again they grow.

And what we’ve also seen is that the person responsible for marketing (who has often learnt ‘on the job’ with no formal marketing background) does a digital apprenticeship to update their knowledge & skills.

So, a digital marketing apprentice can really support and help grow your business no matter who and what type of business you are. So please speak to us here and lets chat. We’re also very good at what we do. And don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Kim Gavin of Diamond Branded emailed to Hannah last week:

“It has been a breeze to deal with Creative Alliance over other providers.”

Based on my experiences as a trainer for 4 years, I have seen a lot of different business use apprentices in the right way: developing people and so developing their business.  As the specialists in Creative, Digital and Marketing apprentices that’s what Creative Alliance will help you do.

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