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Digital Marketing Apprentices in all sectors….

Creative Alliance for the last decade has specialised in Creative, Digital and Marketing apprentices. And we deal a with a lot of creative companies; but that’s not just who we work with. We also work with a whole range of different sector companies that need digital and marketing support. This week Creative Alliance spoke to two employers about why they took on a Digital Marketing apprentice.

First up was Carl Smith from Van Monkey –  he came to us needing help with managing the day to day activities of the marketing of his small van leasing company. He had had relative success and needed some support. I asked why did he go for a marketing apprentice

” For my part we needed a Digital Marketing Apprentice because we wanted to firstly bring new ideas & enthusiasm into our business but secondly have a fresh outlook on how we can grow our sales volume using digital marketing such as social media, the website and outbound email marketing

 The reality is we have found someone in Ryan who ticks those boxes and more “

We also work with Warrior Doors, a specialised security company; who just recently hired a digital marketing apprentice at level 4 (Foundation Degree level) . We spoke to Natasha, the marketing manager, on why they decided to hire an apprentice:

” Warrior Doors wanted to develop and maintain our existing Social Media and Web presence and had outsourced a lot of these elements with limited success, a lot of frustration in terms of communication errors and difficulty getting our ethos and style across to the third parties. We decided to change our approach and bring resources in house and hence needed someone fresh to take on the roles of managing content, developing ideas and working on the Social Media side of the business to support the Marketing functions of Warrior Doors. The idea of a Digital Marketing Apprentice came to us through a contact and getting a Level 3 apprentice (going onto a Level 4) with some experience has been a great step forward. Having some existing skills and experience means they have been able to hit the ground running and make a contribution to the business straight away. Warrior Doors has also benefited from not having to spend on third party services as much as before, as well as having new ideas come into the business from the younger generation.” Natasha Ahmed – Marketing Manager, Warrior Doors.

We also took time to talk to Adam Mann who had already done a Level 3 apprenticeship before taking on this one:

“After college, I couldn’t find a direction or university course that matched any of my interests which led me to research career opportunities, this led to me choosing the Apprenticeship route. With an apprenticeship, I have not only received a level 3 qualification but a year of valuable work experience. The first year of an apprenticeship is always the hardest because at a young age you will be working full time and earning a low wage however, the progression opportunities make it worth it. After just a year I am now doing a degree level apprenticeship with a rewarding wage at a growing, interesting business. It is exciting to see how I can keep progressing my career and skillset. I often think about where I will be in a few years, with years of experience and qualifications under my belt, working as a marketing professional at Warrior Doors producing high quality content. Education is not all about textbooks, revision and exams – jumping straight in the deep end of full time working life has taught me a lot more than what I learnt in my many years in school education.” Adam Mann Level 4 Apprentice – Warrior Doors

Digital is becoming incredibly important and a Digital Marketing Apprentice can help support your creative, digital and marketing needs. We don’t just work with Creative business, its all sectors that we support.

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