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Skills Bootcamps – fully funded creative courses for aspiring creators and individuals seeking a career change

A lot of creative courses involve a considerable amount of time and money investment, making it difficult to acquire and learn new skills. Especially for individuals looking to change careers, it can be hard to dedicate considerable time and money to undertake these courses. We believe Skills Bootcamp courses are a great solution to this problem. Our courses are between 8-11 weeks and are fully funded by the government, meaning for a small investment of your time, you can go from an aspiring creative to become an industry professional equipped with the foundational skills to perform in creative roles.

We have short practical courses in Digital Design, Digital Marketing, Video Game Development, Screen & TV and Backstage Theatre aimed at boosting your skills, knowledge and employability. Read more below to discover how these short free courses fast-track your progression in a new career. 

Free &

Fully Funded

Skills Bootcamps were introduced by the government to offer a unique pathway into a lasting and meaningful career. The courses are fully funded meaning you can undertake a transformative journey without the upfront expense of similar courses.

More information from the government.

Short &


Accelerated courses mean short-term investment but long-term results

These courses are designed to give you a well-rounded and holistic view of the subject and creative industry. Allowing you to develop your knowledge and skills, fast-tracking your career progression.

Check out the current schedules and what you will learn on the page for each course.

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are industry experts and well-seasoned coaches who will adapt their teaching methods to suit how you learn.

Each seminar will be delivered by two of our trainers allowing you to learn from their wealth of knowledge and experience. It also increases the amount of time you will get to speak directly to a coach, further supporting your unique journey.

We guide, support and mentor you through the course and into the right career for you! 

Guaranteed Job


Creative Courses with a focus on employability

A major component of Skills Bootcamps is you get a guaranteed job interview upon completion of the course. Whether you’re looking for an agency role or want to go into an apprenticeship, we will help find a position suited to your aspirations. This aspect is aimed at making sure your career prospects are as improved as the skills and knowledge you develop on the course.

Although we can’t guarantee a job on completion, throughout the course and the aftercare sessions will help you tackle the barriers to your perfect career.

Check out our current vacancies, to get an idea of the job roles and companies you will gain access to.

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Our courses in Digital Marketing, Digital Design, Video Game Development and Screen & TV, training will be delivered online.

For those who don’t have access to the internet, a laptop/computer or a suitable space to study in, we will support you with this to make sure that you can access the course and set you up for success.

Our Backstage Theatre course (coming soon) will be delivered in person in London within a major theatre. Therefore we expect you to be able to commit to attending all sessions in person. Again if you need support, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to implement specific support to assist you.

To find out more about the tailored support we can offer you, Get in touch.


Throughout the course, you will meet fellow learners, industry experts and businesses to expand your network.

Networking is a crucial aspect of the creative, digital and marketing industry. So getting yourself established is a must, at every opportunity we will help guide and facilitate this.

We also run and attend regular networking events throughout the year and you can gain access to these during and after the course.

Read more about networking here.

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Short practical courses in Digital Design, Digital Marketing, Video Game Development, Screen & TV and Backstage Theatre.

Eligibility Criteria

We’d love to accommodate everyone on these courses but unfortunately, there are requirements set by the government and, ourselves to manage capacity and resources. 

  • You need to be 19 or over and NOT in full-time education.
  • You are based within the West Midlands or London and surrounding areas.
  • You have a right to work in the UK.
  • You are looking to start or change your career and looking for employment, or new clients if you are a freelancer.
  • You have the time availability to commit to the course schedule.

If you would like to speak with us about your eligibility, please get in touch.