Should apprenticeships be limited for young people only?

Apprenticeships are often linked to school leavers and those under 25, but what if that changed?

Well, it is changing, however, this change is happening slowly.

There are an increasing amount of people that consider apprenticeships and internships (frequently unpaid) as being essential in taking that step towards employment.

Long gone are the days of graduating and stepping into a job, there is now a rise of middle-aged workers choosing to train for a second career thus meaning young apprentices and graduates will be competing with others outside of their age range – those who have acquired more experience over the years also.

Some companies are currently offering apprenticeship schemes which have been created in order to ‘extend opportunities’ and give ‘support to adults over the age of 24 wishing to get back into the workplace.’

Schemes similar to this are quite uncommon, however, they aren’t a new outcome. A provisional estimate, by the government, sees over 40,000 over 45’s are expected to undergo an apprenticeship.

Matthew Hancock, former skills manger mentioned last year that inspiring older, experienced workers to apply for apprenticeships may help strengthen the economy: “Demand from employers for adult apprenticeships is growing, because they help people of all ages, including the over 50s, to get and hold down skilled jobs.

Regarding current employer plans, an estimate made by the government states that within the next decade, we will need to fill 13.5 million job vacancies however only 7 million of that figure will be young people leaving school or college.

What do you think of the opportunity? We want to know!