Summer means a lot of very talented 18 – 21 year olds looking to start their career.

Designers, Digital Content Producers, Digital Marketers, Event Assistants, Marketing Executives, Software Developers, Videographers, Web Developers ………

Now is the ideal time to recruit new creative, digital & marketing talent for your business.

Despite the challenges we’re all experiencing, people are adapting. We speak to businesses every day and hear of the fantastic ways companies have innovated and used digital technology to help bring their services or products to their client base.

A little bit back we published an article about a rebuild for businesses. And rebuilding means building back different and stronger. After a flood you do not create your house in exactly the same way it was before. That would be daft. You adapt to try and prevent it from happening again or make changes so that if it does happen again the impact is not as severe.

For businesses, the build back is manifesting as altered products or services, different systems, the greater use of digital technology to market yourself to a new client base. It also means bringing in the right people with the right skills to help you operate your business in the new stronger version.

Now there is an absolute abundance of talent applying for our current apprenticeship positions. At present we are receiving around three times the number of applicants than last year. And the businesses that are hiring are getting the best choice of this talent. They are rebuilding with those stronger foundations. Are you?

There are a two main reasons for this abundance of talent. Firstly, summer is just our best period as young, talented individuals are looking at their next opportunity. Secondly, coronavirus has meant there were a lot of job losses, particularly among young people, and because of this people are looking at their career choices and want to make a change. 

We believe this abundance of available talent will only grow. August is results time. It will lead to a boom in applications as people more deeply question this year, more than any previous year, what is the right thing for them. Increasingly, young people are seeing apprenticeships as the right career choice for them.

If you want to rebuild your company, if you want to make sure your business is built on firm foundations, speak to us about the potential of apprenticeships how they work and the government funding now available. At Creative Alliance we are the specialists in creative, digital and marketing training and we offer the following for our companies looking to hire apprentices:

  • Funding from the government up to £3000 for hiring a new apprentice (See here for more info)
  • Current employer fees covered if you are based in the West Midlands.
  • Job roles covering; digital marketing, web design, software development, graphic design, digital content creation, videographers, events assistant and administration.

If you are looking at apprenticeships or want to talk to us more about how they may work in your business, please get in touch here.