Noel Dunne


Noel Dunne is the director of Creative Alliance: one of the UK’s leading independent learning providers for the creative and cultural sectors. The company’s ethos and vision reflect Noel’s lifelong belief in the power of creativity and culture to make a positive difference to the lives of young people. Noel is a creative producer with a unique experience and skill set working between the creative & cultural; the learning & skills and enterprise sectors. This is reflected in his roles as Primary Academy Governor, Honorary Fellow to a University, Skills Ambassador for a Sector Skills Council, Board Member of a Theatre Company and Chair / Facilitator of a variety of networks / groups. These roles reflect Noel’s lifelong commitment to supporting the learning of young people through creativity and enterprise. Key Achievements:

  • Created and then five years later became director of Creative Alliance, a unique learning organisation operating as a successful social enterprise.
  • Developed the role of the Creative Agent that became the model for rolling out the Creative Partnerships programme across England with the National College of School Leadership.
  • Generated around £8 million pounds in business development / fundraising activities for participatory arts / creative learning programmes over the last 15 years.

Key Strengths:

  • Connecting ideas and people to bring about positive change in individuals and organisations;
  • Strategic thinking, planning and implementation;
  • Designing and delivering learning and participation programmes.

Key Values:

  • Openness to new possibilities;
  • Fairness in dealings with others;
  • Optimism in our abilities (albeit occasionally unwarranted);