The Commonwealth Games are here!

Celebrating Birmingham.

It’s time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games! Hosted by our wonderful and vibrant home city of Birmingham, we are excited to follow the action from the 28th of July to the 8th of August. As a training provider, particularly in the creative and digital sector, we are curious to see the impact that a massive event like this has on a city.

Why are the Commonwealth Games important?

The Commonwealth Games are more than just a sporting event, they celebrate the connection of 72 nations and territories and their commitment to the values that guide our daily activities in liberty, democracy, mutual respect and the rule of law.

Moreover, Birmingham looks to display the diversity of cultures that live here and how the city has grown from its roots to become a metropolis for innovation, creativity and progress.

The Impact on the Creative Sector.

Creative Alliance is inspired by the display of talent and creativity that has been developed for the 2022 Commonwealth games. From a community focused branding to incredibly imaginative murals, we are amazed by the effect that creatives have in giving life to the city and showing their love for Brum.

Graffity artwork for the Commonwealth Games on top of Digbeth building overseeing Birmingham
A stunning new street art mural on a rooftop in Digbeth by city artist Gent 48. Image by BCC.

Similarly, we will be seeing the importance of media workers during the games. Broadcast producers, camera technicians and content producers will provide the best coverage possible of all the events and activities scheduled around the city.

The commonwealth legacy.

The organisation of the Commonwealth looks to create a space to celebrate culture, sports and unity. Therefore, they want to position Birmingham, and the West Midlands, as a region of bold makers, daring to do more. We are already seeing how companies like HDY, Spark Media and McCann are creating amazing campaigns for the Commonwealth Games. This will be an important moment for creative work in Birmingham. We can’t wait to see how this spotlight given to Birmingham’s creatives helps to make this city thrive and grow.

For more information, read the Commonwealth Games Legacy Plan.