Traineeships: Are you really interested? Then tell us.

Excellent: You are interested?

There are thousands of potential business administrators, content creators, digital marketers, event coordinators, graphic designers, lighting, sound & stage engineers, software developers, videographers, web developers …………… and traineeships could be the way these are discovered.

Needing to learn how to work for you , to your standards and in your culture. You can now get paid to help them acquire this experience.

A traineeship is a pre-apprenticeship programme.

At its simplest, traineeships, is 8 weeks of pre-work experience training with Creative Alliance followed by 8 weeks work experience with an employer.

Whilst they are on the programme, young people continue to claim benefits. The idea behind it is to help young people to develop some of the knowledge, skills and behaviours you, and other employers, need them to have so that they can enter the workforce.

A traineeship now comes with £1000 grant to you as the host employer in recognition of the time and energy you are going to invest in that young person to make them ready for an apprenticeship or a job.

This doesn’t have to be with you but do you think you could provide an 8 week work experience placement for someone who needs a foot in the door?

Now you have clicked yes, you do not need to do anything further but we may be in touch over the coming weeks or months to speak to your organisation to take it potentially further.

If you are interested in more information or anything else we offer please contact us on here