Training for yourself and your staff is the most important thing you can do today.

Training is for all experiences

Everyone has to learn. Everyone can be better and everyone can develop. Its important that we make sure that the work we do can move on. If it doesn’t it will get stale and will fail eventually. To need to supply training for everyone. We at Creative Alliance are experts in Creative Training and look to push this mantra in all our clients we work with.

If you are a manager you need to make sure that your team of people are constantly in developing themselves. This maybe official training or it may be just personal goals; or work based goals but still they should be aiming to move forward.

In public sector and many, many private companies you have to do a continuous professional development – or CPD and it’s often a chore. So many times have I been remembered that I need to submit my CPD and I fill it in. And what I fill in is pretend development. Don’t get me wrong I don’t lie. But it will be something that I did that also happened to be a bit of training.

Training yourself and your team needs to be dedicated time. It needs to be a point in your week (yes it needs to be done weekly) where you develop yourself. I work in marketing and my minimum each week is to read three articles on direct and social media marketing. This is the absolute minimum.

So here are development ideas to get yourself going.

  1. Read the News

This seems silly – as we all do this via our mobile apps etc. But I mean the news relative to your area and sector. This could reveal opportunities you never knew and will teach you of recent developments. This will keep you sharp.

  1. Set Targets

Can we also make sure they are achievable. As before my minimum target is to read three relative articles. This is not, social media 300 word articles; this is Independent full page spread articles. Very achievable and surprisingly enjoyable. Think what your targets would be.

  1. Attend Actual Training

The final one is attend training programmes – this is not the tutorial on Salesforce. This is each month/ two months hunt out quality training programmes and attend them. This quite often be done totally for free. Taking that time out is not only good development but relieves stress – it takes you out your daily routine and gets you working on you.

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