Upskill your workforce.

Every business needs creative thinking.
Reveal the hidden talent in your business.

What can our upskilling offers
do for you and your team?

Every business needs creative thinking and creative content. We’ve taken our expertise in digital content production
& digital marketing to produce upskilling offers that will:

  • Enable you to bring new talent into your business in creative, digital & marketing roles through our specialist Kickstart Gateway;
  • Develop essential communication skills through our Digital Skills for Business programme;
  • Help you tell others what you do and how you do it more effectively and help you grow your business.

Digital Bootcamp

Reveal the hidden talent in your
business with our Digital Bootcamps


At Creative Alliance, we’re always looking to develop our offers and ways of working. We use our Projects for our Research & Development.

Multi-Employer Apprentices: Research & Development

We’re currently exploring, with employers, how to best run a multi-employer / flexi-apprenticeship programme whereby more than one employer can employ an apprentice. Great for introducing young people to the freelance world but not without its practical problems. This work is being supported by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership. A summary of the first phase of the research can be found here.

Foot in the Door Into …

Our careers education offer has been developed through our ‘Foot in the Door Into ….’ Projects. These have been supported by both Arts Council England and Screenskills. You read an evaluation of this programme conducted by Birmingham City University here.

Promote WBL

With six partners from across Europe and financial support from the Erasmus programme, we contributed to the development of an on-line resource for educators to help them understand work based learning and how best to prepare students for it. A report on our final sharing event, which explored how to increase diversity in the creative industries, can be found here.