Venue Technician & Backstage Apprenticeships

Mind the gap

At Creative Alliance we are aware of the shortage of talent in backstage and off-screen technical roles, so we have teamed up with The National Theatre and Innovate Creative Apprenticeship Network, to better understand how apprenticeships can be a powerful tool to help fill these roles.

Creative Venue Roles.

Our Backstage apprenticeships aim to prepare Learners to become professionals competent in: lighting, audio, video and services related to the performance arts. We have written the apprenticeship curriculum alongside employers to ensure that apprentices get the most relevant training and become added value to their business.

We’ve worked alongside companies like:

How it works.

When you look to hire an Apprentice, Creative Alliance will support you in acquiring the right talent for you. We will handle the recruiting process to discover the talent with the skills and mindset that fits your company.

Once a candidate is selected, we’ll provide the training they need to excel at their role. One of our industry-expert Development Coaches will work alongside you to guide the Apprentice on their learning journey, and to bridge the impact of their learning into your workplace.

To demonstrate, meet Hannah! one of our Apprentices working on a Creative Venue Technician role at the Birmingham Hippodrome, has to say.

To learn more, here is our employers section.

Furthermore, this is our Creative Venue Technician programme.

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