What happens after you finish your Apprenticeship?

After completing a Creative, Marketing or Digital Apprenticeship, you have many options for your next step. In this article we discuss the most common next steps previous graduated apprentices have chosen. As part of our apprentice support we will make sure your next step is right for you.

1. Do a higher Digital Apprenticeship

After you have completed your Apprenticeship, you can continue your education enabling you to move into a higher-level positions. It would also enable you to greatly develop and expand your creative, marketing and digital skillset. This approach would make you a real asset to your company as the skills you have attained would meet the needs of your employer. For example, as a graduated digital marketer apprentice you could move up to a Marketing Executive.

Amber in this video did a level 3 and then a level 4 and is now working as a director at her company.

2. Go onto University 

Our apprentices also have gone to university after finishing their Apprenticeship. This a good alternative option for your next step, as you can spend a few years learning more about your chosen subject surrounded by like-minded individuals. If you want to get a university level qualification while working and getting paid, it is possible. At Creative Alliance we offer Apprenticeship at level 3 and 4, and in the near future we will be offering level 6 qualifications (University level).  

3. Explore your options 

Some of our apprenticeships are fixed term and that means that once the contract ends, it has ended. Often this is not because of the performance of the apprentice but just the direction the company is going. This is common in cultural and public sector apprenticeships. As a Digital Apprentice you now have the skills, experience and an Apprenticeship standard certificate that you can look to go freelance, get job at a marketing agency or within a marketing department.

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