What is a Level 3, 4, 6 apprenticeship?

Understanding the difference between a Level 3, 4, 6 digital apprenticeship.  

Understanding the difference between a Level 3, 4 and 6 digital apprenticeship is important as it means you can make the right decision for your future. If you are looking at a digital apprenticeship, or creative apprenticeship then knowing where to start is a good place to, well, start…… 

Level 3 Apprenticeship

This is usually considered A level standard. A level 3 apprenticeship is usually a perfect place to start in a subject. It takes 15 months to complete. Remember just because you have a degree in one subject does not necessarily mean you are able to jump up a level. With this apprenticeship you will learn the basics and practical application of a subject.

For example with a Digital Marketer apprenticeship you will be able to plan, implement and analyse a digital marketing campaign. And understand why you are doing it. By the end of this digital apprenticeship you will be considered a competent professional.  

Level 4 Apprenticeship 

This is usually considered as a foundation degree level apprenticeship it takes 18 months to complete. It will look deeper into the theories of the subject you are studying. It will expect you already understand the basic theories and can apply them practically. That you can already do the job. The training will stretch you to further embed theories and looking into the why you are doing something. 

For example with the Digital Apprenticeship the Marketing Executive. You will have to implement a campaign but have it built into a larger strategy aiming it towards the larger busines goals. 

Level 6 Apprenticeship 

This is a degree level apprenticeship and can last 2 years or longer. This an exceptional way to embed your learning and practical abilities to a high level digital apprenticeship. A degree level apprenticeship expects you to already have a good amount of experience in the subject matter. In a digital marketer degree level apprenticeship you will have to fully run digital marketing campaigns across all elements of SEO, Website and coding, Email, Social and PPC.  

An apprenticeship pathway through the digital sector, taking on digital apprenticeship is no mean feat but gives a fantastic start to your career. And think you can start this at 16! 

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