An apprenticeship is your way into a range of creative, digital and marketing roles with lots of different types of employers. If you are a creative person there is bound to be something for you.

If you are still reading you are interesting!

This is what you get….

  • You will have a real, paid job with career development opportunities
  • You will get training at work and away from the workplace. This includes coaching, mentoring, seminars and research. You will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need and you’ll be able to put this into practice at work straight away.
  • You will gain experience, get to be creative, build your CV and start to grow a career.

Anyone can complete and apprenticeship as long as you are not already qualified in the area you will be working in.

What can I do to improve my chances of
getting a job?

Apply for more than one vacancy and keep visiting our site: vacancies are updated weekly.

Creative Alliance is constantly engaging and working with exciting employers developing apprenticeship roles throughout the year. And sometimes we can have over 30 vacancies at a time. So, you need to keep visiting us. Every time you come to the website there could be your dream opportunity waiting for you.

And finally, apply for more than one apprenticeship. This is the start of your career – so look at all the positions for Digital Marketing. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Make Your Own Apprenticeship.

We have awards and lots of certificates for one main reason. We are very good at working with people trying to get into this industry. So, if you know an employer that you are interested in working for, you can approach them and we can arrange all the paperwork and make sure everything is done correctly.

It’s a win for all parties. We get the opportunity to work with another fantastic learner, the employer gets a fantastic new employee and you get a career. If you have a query about this, then contact us here.