What actually is an apprenticeship?

How employers, training providers and you, make an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is where you get a role in a company and you are also on a government-funded course. This apprenticeship course can be in many different sectors and is delivered by a training provider. Most apprenticeship courses involve classroom-based teaching, project work based on the work you do and 1-2-1 teaching with a development coach. These are all managed and delivered by your training provider. 

It feels complicated but it’s not, there are three parties to an apprenticeship, the learner, the employer and the training provider. 

The Employer provides the role and helps support the learner into the position and makes sure they understand the role. The employer enlists a training provider to deliver the training of the apprenticeship. The learner has to do their job for the employer and complete their apprenticeship training for the training provider. Often training providers will recruit for the employer so you may deal with your provider before your apprenticeship starts. 

Creative Apprenticeship

How do I get an apprenticeship? 

There are two ways. The most common way is to apply for one, rather than with college, you don’t apply for a course, you apply for the role. If the training provider is recruiting, they will advertise the position and you apply. Then most likely you will have to go for an interview with the employer. At Creative Alliance, we will speak with suitable candidates and then send your application to the employer, who will organize interviews.  

The other way. If you are employed by a company, you can do an apprenticeship as a way to upskill yourself and gain accreditation. It’s a good way for you to boost your CV and learn new skills in your current role. You might be changing role and need support and training.  

Here at Creative Alliance we offer creative apprenticeships in areas such as Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Software Development and Events.

To find out more visit our apprenticeships page here. 

Also, check out > https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk for more information on apprenticeships in the UK.