What is Compass

Compass is an online platform for creative industries careers education that helps you better inform your young people about the creative industries so they can make the right study and career choices for their future.

Young people tell us that they find it difficult to learn about careers in the creative industries, but that their subject teachers are their most trusted source of careers information.

Teachers tell us that they “struggle to provide insights” into the diverse and fast-moving creative industries.

Currently, giving careers advice to your young people often interrupts the work you are doing with them.

Compass makes it easy to integrate quality creative industries careers education into the work you already do with young people. It does this by taking a three-stage approach:




Young people need:
to know what creative careers are available out there

Compass offers:

  • a map of the creative sector, drawing on the industry knowledge and experience of Creative Alliance, which helps young people navigate what each of the creative industries are and what jobs there are in each of those industries
  • exclusive short films of creative professionals from the region telling their story of how they got into the job they do today


Young people need:
to be inspired to believe that one of the creative careers out there can be the career for them

Compass offers:

  • industry-specific ‘expert days’ which are broadcast and/or live streamed via the Compass platform so that young people can learn from and interact with a panel of creative professionals who represent the breadth of their particular industry
  • a Google Hangout chat with an individual creative professional to find out ‘the real deal’ of working in the industry




  • young people need access to high-quality opportunities in the creative industries and the right resources to transform their career aspirations into their career reality.
  • this includes volunteering, work experience, traineeship and apprenticeship opportunities.
  • Compass offers access to the best creative industries work and training opportunities in the region, hand-picked by Creative Alliance and vetted against our experience of providing talent for some of the best creative organisations in the region
  • Compass offers downloadable resources that support access to these opportunities, e.g. how to write a personal statement specifically for your chosen creative industry

Compass makes creative industries careers education fun, interesting and useful for young people.

Compass makes creative industries careers education simple, manageable and effective for the people who work with them.

Compass is currently available on a free trial.