What is Education Crossover in an Apprenticeship?

Crossover is an eligibility criteria set by the government to make sure you only receive funding for training where the learner will develop new skills. This usually affects people looking to start an apprenticeship after finishing University. If you are currently deciding between University and Apprenticeship make sure you read this article.

What is Education Crossover? 

Apprenticeships have important eligibility criteria and one of the most important is education crossover. This is when your previous education overlaps with the apprenticeship you are looking to start. For example, if you are look to do a digital marketing apprenticeship but you have a Level 6 (degree) in digital marketing, this would be crossover.  

However, if you did a university degree in English and wanted to do a digital marketing Apprenticeship, this is possible as long as you are learning something new.

What does this mean? 

This means that unfortunately if there is overlap with previous education then you might not be able to start an apprenticeship. If you are aware of any potential crossover speak to a representative from Creative Alliance about what you want to do and we can figure out the best option for you. 

What can you do? 

Be honest and communicate to us if you know of any potential crossover. We can then make sure to put you on the right path. No matter what your situation is we will work with you to find the right opportunity.

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