What is the best way to actually get an apprenticeship?

5 tips to improve your chances of getting an Apprenticeship  

Applying for an Apprenticeship is like applying for a job. You’ll have to send in your CV and attend an interview. There is no guaranteed way to get an Apprenticeship but we have a few tips to give you the best possible chance. An Apprenticeship is an entry level position so the employer doesn’t need you to have decades of experience but they do want to see your passion.

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Tip 1 – Personal Statement 

To begin to apply for an apprenticeship – Create a personal statement that expresses who you are and what you experiences have. The employer wants to know more about you and whether you would fit within the company. Be yourself and stand out. Make sure to double check your spelling and grammar as it will come across as very unprofessional. If you need help proof reading ask somebody you know to go over it with you or before applying send your CV/Cover letter to Creative Alliance to get feedback.

Tip 2 – Work Experience 

Get involved with the sector in any way you can, you should try volunteering/work experience. This will not only increase your practical experience but will prove to your future employer that your dedicated to working with in your selected industry. Also working alongside another creative or being a part of a working team is an invaluable experience to have under your belt. All these experiences will add up and make you a great prospect for any company. 

Tip 3 – Portfolio 

A portfolio is a great visual tool to show what you’ve worked on, what your passionate about making and also your skill level. To apply for an apprenticeship it is not necessary to have a portfolio but it helps. There are many ways you can show your work, but a great free option is using social media to showcase your projects, BTS pictures/videos, and etc. Some apprenticeships might not be easily visualised such as digital marketing or business admin but think outside the box because that’s what will get you noticed. 

Tip 4 – Transferable Skills 

Include your ‘soft skills’ for example demonstrating leadership within a sports team or creativity on a passion project. Don’t just list what skills you have, put them in context to prove you can actually do them. Read the job description and make sure you note down key skills the employer is looking for, then inject those words into your CV/Cover letter this will help prove that you’re the right person for the job. 

Tip 5 – Be Relentless 

You are unlikely to get the first Apprenticeship you apply for and sometimes it might take many applications for you to be matched with the right company. Try to keep motivated and be relentless in your pursuit for your new career. Creative Alliance are always here to assist in your application so don’t be afraid to reach out to get tips on improving your application. Building a greater relationship with our recruitment team will allow us to know what company is right for you and will greatly help your chances of being successful.

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