What we’ve learned about… Community Arts Apprenticeships

What we’ve learned about… Community Arts Apprenticeships

The Community Arts Apprenticeship Qualifications is for young people looking to start their career in arts management as the way in to working in the Creative Industries. It will involve them learning how to manage projects between artists, theatre practitioners, film makers, writers or musicians with people at a range of venues, cultural organisations or festivals.

The qualification is made up of both mandatory and optional units so you can build a programme that suits the job role and desired path. The qualification allows the apprentice to ensure they have the industry required skills and knowledge so they are ready for work in the wider industry.

We do this through providing:

  • Assessment visits in the workplace;
  • Discussions to capture knowledge;
  • Setting live projects that relate to your role;
  • Support to build a portfolio of work.

We help young people like Victoria, who completed her apprenticeship and gained the Community Arts Qualification with Ikon Gallery before moving onto the V&A programming and learning team and Megan worked on projects with Flatpack Festival before deciding to go into full time education.

The skills it develops are essential to many roles across and beyond the creative industries: planning, budgeting, marketing, negotiation, curating, training, facilitation, problem solving, trouble shooting and making sure the job is delivered on quality, on time and keeping as many people on board as possible. The title Community Arts makes it sound cuddly. To succeed in it you have to be anything but!

Deborah Aston: Community Arts and Creative & Digital Media / Marketing Assessor

Deborah started out working in Television as a broadcast technician before moving into producing independent documentary and drama projects. Her work has won awards and found international audiences through festival participation. She has produced and delivered community arts projects using creativity to reach out and engage groups and individuals.