Creative Alliance is an Independent Training Provider that operates as a social enterprise. We specialise in enabling talented people from different backgrounds and experiences succeed. We help them get into and then get on in creative, digital and marketing roles within any company.

We do this through providing:

1.Careers Education and ‘Foot in the Door Into ….’ Training courses;

2.Apprenticeships in a whole range of different roles including digital marketers; digital content producers; graphic designers; lighting engineers

3.Training courses in digital, marketing and entrepreneurship skills for those looking to set up, grow or move up in their business;

Our core team works with an extended network of experienced creative professionals and we work collaboratively to develop, support and train talent. We give people the knowledge about how people Make, Support and Organise™ the creation of creative products and services.

Since 2005, Creative Alliance has provided careers education, apprenticeship opportunities and vocational training and development. With nearly fifteen of expertise, Creative Alliance has built strong relationships with local, regional, national, and international partners and networks to provide relevant work-based learning to help people start and then develop their careers. 

Creative Alliance have worked with hundreds of employers to help grow their businesses. This includes providing ​advice for employers​ about employing an apprentice or training existing staff to strengthen the skills within their organisation.

We have successfully linked the right talent with the right workplace creating sustainable employment for people and providing businesses with access to the next generation of creative, digital and marketing talent.

Sam Williams

Technical Theatre Development Coach

Fathia Warren

Functional Skills Tutor

Hannah Still

Recruitment & Apprenticeship Coordinator

Sarah Harding

Company Manager

Alison Haynes

Development Coach

James Ellis

Development Coach

Denise Harrison

Development Coach

Ian Kennedy

Development Coach

John Parker

Operations Manager

Julie Simpson

Quality Assurance Consultant

Noel Dunne