Why you should recruit an apprentice with Creative Alliance

Who are Creative Alliance?

Creative Alliance are a specialist training provider for creative, digital, and marketing apprenticeships based in Birmingham, but work with companies across the UK. During our 18 years, we have had over 1000 learners walk through our doors, with a 95% success rate. Our mission is to help all people achieve success in creative digital and marketing sectors, we do this through work-based training, masterclasses, Skills Bootcamps, and other community-led programmes.

How to recruit an apprentice

We pride ourselves on finding the best talent for the job. Our statistics show that 85% of our apprentices continue working with the company they started their apprenticeship with. They become an integral part of the team and employers want to keep them on board to progress even further.

If you want to hire an apprentice, the first thing you need to do is look at your team and see if there is an opening that could use fresh new talent and support to join. If the answer is yes then give us a call.

The benefits of working with us

Choosing Creative Alliance to recruit an apprentice comes with a list of benefits! We thrive to provide extra opportunities for our learners to gain further knowledge, skills, and experience to jump-start their careers. As well as creating our process simple and stress-free for employers.

These include:

  1. Our Development Coaches

We have a highly trained team of development coaches working with us. Each one of them are industry professionals with years of experience under their belt! Every apprentice is assigned one of our development coaches and they will guide them through the apprenticeship for a smooth journey. Apprentices will receive seminars, 1-2-1’s, and personal support from their development coach in order to excel in their job role for you.

  1. Our recruitment process

Firstly, get in contact with us. We can help establish what type of apprenticeship standard you require based on the role you are looking to hire, as well as advice for your next steps. We have resources for you to use such as job ads and contract templates, if you need them. Once the position has been agreed upon by you and us, your vacancy will be live on our website for people to start applying. We will manage the applications and create shortlists based on the most compatible and hardworking candidates and send them over to you for interviews. Our recruitment team will be there every step of the way to offer any advice you need. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as necessary, depending on your requirements. We know it’s critical to make sure you recruit the right apprentice, so we will be there to offer any assistance and advice along the way.

  1. Our masterclasses

We have a series of masterclasses called Growth. These sessions include people who are in the industry right now and have advice to give to our apprentices on many different topics. These topics are:

. Mental Health

. Industry knowledge

. Productivity

. Workshops


  1. Industry connections

We are always in contact with people in the industry and love to support the communities involved in the sectors. For the last two years, we have been a sponsor for the Birmingham Design Festival.  A celebration of the local, national, and international design industry held in Birmingham. We have also recently been involved in Creative Career Events along with Arts Connect and LCEPs (Local, Cultural Education, Partnerships). These were to help local young people understand more about the creative and cultural industry across four different events. We have also supported other connections including BPA and ABTT.

  1. Tailored to your company

Our apprenticeships are tailored to your job role. Each apprenticeship standard has a broad range of topics that are covered through seminars. However, if there is a topic that the apprentice needs more information on for the job, we can accommodate further information to benefit your apprentice and business.

  1. Our hybrid setup

It doesn’t matter where your company or apprentices are based, we have got you covered! With our hybrid setup, the apprentice can choose whether to spend their time in our office, work from home, or in the company’s office during their ‘off-the-job time’(seminars, 1-2-1’s exams, etc).

Don’t wait, start your journey and recruit an apprentice with Creative Alliance today!