What can you expect when you start your apprenticeship?

After your interview and accepting the offer, you will have an induction with your employer and a separate one with us as we will be your learning provider.

3 Day Induction with Creative Alliance
The three day induction process is split into three different parts over three Fridays.

PLTS Training
Customer Service Training/Giving and Receiving Feedback

Induction with your Employer

The induction with your employer is so that you can settle in and become familiar with where you’re working, whom you’re working for (although this is something you should already be well informed about before your interview) and so that you can ask all the questions you may have.

As most places do, your employer will set you a work programme for the 12 months, based around your job role and apprenticeship framework. It will include all that was on your job description and sometimes more.

The tasks set for you at work should go hand in hand with your qualification and vice versa; so naturally you should be getting trained up appropriately.

At your work place, you will have a mentor or someone similar to a mentor who will help you build your skills. For example, if someone becomes a Graphic Design apprentice, they will need to know how to use the different software for design. Ideally; they will already have experience beforehand, so the mentors’ job would be to help them increase their knowledge and make them better at it by setting them design briefs.

You will not be required to attend training sessions; it is purely on the job learning, but you can’t expect school/college style teaching from your employer. Your employer won’t expect you to know how to do everything without their assistance either, so don’t worry if there’s something that you don’t know how to do – just ask.

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English, Maths and ICT

In regards to English, Maths and ICT, Creative Alliance will provide your training if you haven’t already got a GCSE grade C or above or equivalent. As agreed with your employer, you will be required to attend a session at the Creative Alliance offices one day a week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, for 7 weeks.

After that you will have an exam with us and hopefully receive your qualification. If you do not pass the first time round, you can re-sit this free of charge.

Your Assessor

You will have an assessor from Creative Alliance who is a specialist in your framework and they will set you assignments via an online portfolio. Your assessor will visit you at your workplace every 6 – 8 weeks to go through your assignments and do recorded observation where required. Every 12 weeks, you will have an apprenticeship review with them to see how you have progressed, what you need help with and set targets for what you would like to achieve. They will need to see the work that you are doing in the work place as evidence for your qualification work.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you will have successfully completed your qualification with the help of your employer and your assessor and you will have increased your knowledge on a variety of things the field.