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Do you want your digital marketing to make you money?

With our digital marketing course you will understand how to plan, schedule and deliver effective marketing that will get you customers and save you money.

Do it yourself with our help

It’s not about getting the best marketing strategy. It’s about getting a marketing strategy that You understand, that You have control over and that You deliver.

This will mean your marketing is effective and makes sure You have more customers.

Creative Alliance’s Digital Marketing Course is delivered and designed by marketing experts who will work with you face2face and help you develop your own marketing strategy.

  • Get exclusive contact with marketing agency professionals and learn from them
  • Develop your own marketing strategy
  • Obtain new skills that improve your CV and become more attractive to employers
  • Build your business and increase your customer base
  • Save money by bringing marketing in house
  • Be fluent in a contemporary and exciting industry


Is this even for me?


Yes of course it is.

If you run a business or if you’re a freelancer then this course is an affordable way to deliver effective digital marketing and increase your customer base.

If you’re looking to change career and want to expand your skills and become more desirable for your next employer, then this course will also work for you.

With our packages we have provided, this is the best time to learn how to become a digital marketer. 

Have a look at the course structure or just be a bold digital landscaper and book now – 

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What is unique about our courses is that there are ten sessions for you to attend and you only have to attend the sessions you need. You can just pick one session; but we have put together beginners, essential and advanced packages to really help you develop your skills.  So with 25% discount you are getting 4 sessions for the price of 3.


This is for freelancers and new start ups – get the basic skills and start the right way.

  • What is Digital Marketing:
  •  Understanding Audiences
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Metrics and Analytics

Price for all four £360.00


This is for SME’s, freelancers or business with ineffective marketing. You need a jolt and you need it start getting you customers.

  • Understanding Audiences
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Creation

Price for all six: £540.00


This is the whole digital seminar programme and is for the business that really is serious about expanding and bringing their digital marketing in house. This is for the business that wants to save money and increase their customer base.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Understanding Audiences
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Metrics and Analytics
  • Sales Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content Creation

Price for all ten: £900.00

What is Digital Marketing:

There are 10 half day sessions each giving you skills in different parts of the digital marketing landscape:

This beginner session you get to know the real basics of marketing. The basic theories, resources and ideas of how to use digital marketing techniques. Here you will make your first simple Marketing plan with our marketing expert.

  1. Understanding Audiences

This essential course but a real must as understanding your customer is the foundation of marketing. You would be surprised how many businesses do not properly know their market and so are always destined to fail.

  1. Marketing Strategies

This essential course is getting you a real, living breathing marketing strategy that you can execute straight away. Work with your tutor and make sure it’s perfect for you.

  1. Marketing Metrics and Analytics

This essential course is about making sure your marketing activities are working. Is what you are doing making money? If not – let’s make sure it is. You will also understand the following: FaceBook insights, Google Analytics, MailChimp Reports and how to make these powerful tools tell you more about your business than you ever knew.

  1. Sales Marketing

This advanced course looks at sales theory, sales techniques and sales journeys of the most successful online sales platforms in the world. We show you how to tap into that.

  1. Content Marketing

This essential course helps you create your own content for your marketing channels. It’s about how to use it and how to make sure it’s effective. This one is a lot of fun.

  1. Email Marketing

This essential course gives you the tools, the understanding and ability to create your own free email campaigns. And how to increase sales on the leads you create.

  1. Brand Analysis

This advanced course looks at how to develop a brand, how to reflect your values and how to use a promotional mix to expand your business and start really making some money.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation

This advanced course looks a making sure all your, blogs, emails, pictures, websites, social media, tweets all help make sure your website is found by thousands or people everyday.

  1. Content Creation

This advanced course looks at creating content for your business. This is really for everyone and is a not only fun but also gives you some essential skills.


As with all our courses you can turn the advanced package into an accredited diploma. This includes 1:2:1 tutoring, assignment support, assessments and accreditation. This does incur additional costs.

If you want to find out more or enrol onto the accredited course – Please contact [email protected] or fill out the form below

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